Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance protects against your customers insolvency, bankruptcy, non-payment or political risk.

Thanks to Credit Insurance, the Policyholder is able to increase its financial exposure against its customers through increased sales, without affecting the company´s level of financial risk.

Other advantages are;

  • That the company´s Cash Flow and Net Income is secured.
  • Improved Funding Opportunities from banks due to an increased value of the pledged invoices.
  • Credit Risk Management is improved through analysis and information of the company´s customers.

Credit Insurance is suitable for all companies which sell products and services on Open Credit to other companies.

The Credit Insurance product can be categorized into;

  • Whole Turnover Credit Insurance, meaning that a company is insuring all of its Sales, both International and Domestic.
  • Excess of Loss, meaning that a company is insuring selected parts or all of its sales. The premium will be lower compared to a traditional Whole Turnover Credit Insurance Policy, since the Policyholder keeps a higher deductible (Aggregate Annual First Loss).
  • Single Risk / Key Account Cover, meaning that a company is insuring one or several strategically important customers.

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